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How Defective Seat Belts Can Make Your Vehicle Fail Its Safety Inspection

Some car owners may not know how vital different car systems, such as the car body and seat belts, are to the safety of the occupants of those vehicles. Such motorists may therefore be surprised when their vehicles fail safety inspections. This article discusses some factors that can make the seat belts in your car to fail a safety inspection. Use this information to assess whether your car's seat belts can pass a vehicle safety inspection before you drive to the inspection center when you want to put that car up for sale.

Seat Belt Anchorage

Your vehicle can fail its safety inspection if the inspector finds that the seat belts are not properly secured to their anchorage points on the body of the car. This can happen when the anchorage point shows signs of significant wear, such as corrosion, that prevents the seat belts from being firmly in place. Sections of the seat belt assembly may also be distorted or have cracks that can make the seat belts fail when strained by the impact of a car accident.

Seat Belt Retraction

Do all seat belts in your vehicle retract after you have extended them? A seat belt is usually designed to retract so that it holds you firmly once you wear it. A seat belt that does not retract can cause your vehicle to fail a safety inspection because such a belt may be unable to restrain its wearer from being thrown out of the vehicle during an accident.

Unsafe Modifications

Some vehicles may have seat belt assemblies that were altered from the design of the carmaker. For instance, your vehicle may have seat belts whose anchorage points were changed to a different location within the body of the car. You may be expected to provide proof that an authorised competent person conducted those modifications. This proof may be in the form of a sticker on the new anchorage points. The absence of proof that the modification was approved may cause your vehicle to fail its safety inspection.

As you can see, you may lack the technical expertise to identify whether every aspect of the seat belt assemblies in your vehicle is in accordance with the specifications of the carmaker. It is therefore advisable for you to take your vehicle for vehicle safety service so that a certified technician inspects it and corrects any anomalies found. This will save you from the inconvenience and the added costs that may arise at that critical time when your vehicle fails its safety inspection and yet you need to sell your car urgently.