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Tips for Replacing the Water Pump in a Japanese Truck

Japanese trucks have a great reputation for being durable and lasting a long time, but occasionally, even these trucks need a repair. If your water pump is not working or if it has a large leak, you may want to replace it. Here are some tips to help you replace that part.

1. Start With a Cooling System Flush

Before you get started with this repair, you should flush out your cooling system. Find the cap on your radiator, remove that, and let the radiator drain. Always use a drip pan so you don't release coolant onto the ground and into the stormwater drainage system. Then, run water through the system a few times until the water appears to come out clean (without coolant in it).

2. Disconnect the Battery

Then, disconnect the battery. This step helps to ensure that there isn't power coursing through the engine while you are replacing the water pump. Also, remove the power steering lines—you only need to do this if they are in the way of your water pump. That can vary based on the type of truck you have.  

3. Remove the Fan and Fan Clutch

The fan clutch is usually attached to your water pump, so you need to detach that as well. Typically, it's secured with bolts, and you just need to remove the bolts to remove the fan clutch. At this point, you should be able to see the retaining bolts on the fan. Again, remove those as well.

When lifting out these components, be careful. They are right next to the radiator, and you need to take care not to hit or bend the radiator as you remove these parts.

4. Unattach the Old Water Pump

At this point, you should see the water pump in your Japanese truck. You may need to remove a belt from around the water pump. A strap wrench works perfectly for this purpose. Then, detach the four bolts holding it in place. Since you removed the fan and clutch, you should have room to get the leverage you need to remove the bolts.

At this point, some residual coolant may drip out, so make sure to catch that. Finally, lift out your old water pump.

5. Put in the New Water Pump

Your new water pump should fit in the spot where your old one was. For best results, use a original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part from a trustworthy shop that sells Japanese truck parts. When putting the bolts on the water pump, screw them in a criss-cross pattern for the most stability. Finally, replace the rest of the components in the reverse order that you removed them.