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How to Improve Your Car's Braking Performance

If you are an automotive enthusiast and someone who likes to use their car for pleasure rather than for utility, then you may always be on the lookout for opportunities to enhance its performance. You may have bought a vehicle that is, by definition, designed for the average driver and which was produced on a production line with many others. While this is good enough as a base, there is undoubtedly plenty of opportunity for improvement. In particular, you may want to upgrade the braking system to help account for any engine work you've got on the slate, and you need to know what is available to help you achieve your goal.

Upgrading from Standard

The majority of cars feature the same type of braking system, with standard disc brakes all round and a hydraulically activated pump mechanism. Once again, this entire system is designed to cope with average road conditions and the demands of a driver who simply wants to go from point to point. When you add a little more performance and somebody who truly likes to enjoy the open road safely, then you need to upgrade the individual parts.


Take the brake discs themselves, for example. They're typically made from reprocessed iron materials, chosen to keep costs down within reason. You need to consider upgrading to a high-quality product made from virgin iron ingot or something similar, which will cope much more effectively with high temperatures. You may also need to consider discs that are ventilated and that allow air to flow through to help dissipate heat.


The second part of the braking equation is the pad, and once again, these are normally made from standard resins and other ingredients by budget-minded car builders. You will need a high-performance brake pad that can cope with constant application without "fading" and losing its ability to work properly. Look for upgraded pads that have copper and other elements included to make sure that they are durable.


The third component in the braking trilogy is the fluid, and this also needs to be upgraded to a sport consistency. You should always ensure that this is changed on a regular basis, as it does have a tendency to be hygroscopic and absorb water from the atmosphere.

Where to Start

You can significantly increase the performance and durability of a standard car by upgrading the brake components carefully. Talk with your aftermarket supplier to see what they recommend for your particular model.

For more information, talk to a company that can service brakes or perform services such as Audi car repairs.