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DIY Smash Repairs: A Guide

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and the excess payment required by your insurance policy is more than you are willing to pay, you might be able to avoid this cost by carrying out DIY repairs to your car. The level of DIY repairs will be limited by the extent of the damage and your own mechanical knowledge and ability. Below is a guide to some things you should consider when undertaking DIY smash repairs.

Arrange for a qualified mechanic to inspect the damage

Carrying out DIY repairs doesn't mean you that you can avoid taking your car to a garage. Although it may look like your vehicle has only suffered superficial damage to its bodywork, it could have sustained unseen, internal damage. Having your car inspected by a qualified mechanic will enable you to establish the extent of the damage your vehicle has sustained.

Split the work

If the inspection of your car uncovers severe internal damage, you should consider splitting the work. You could pay the auto repair shop to fix the internal damage while repairing the bodywork yourself.

Source cheap secondhand parts from auto wreckers

If your car has sustained damage to its headlights, wing mirrors or plastic panels, you should be able to source cheap replacement parts from local auto wreckers. You should phone them in advance and let them know the make and model of your car. The staff at the auto wreckers should be able to advise you if they have the relevant parts which you require. If the parts from the wreckers yard are a different colour than the bodywork of your car, you can spray them with auto paint before installing them.

Do not aim for perfection

If you are carrying out DIY smash repairs, you should not strive for perfection. For example, if the plastic panels on your car are cracked, you can simply drill two small holes on each side of the crack and use a plastic cable tie to hold them together. Any damage to the metal work can be treated using filler and then painted over. While this may look patchy, your car will still be protected from the elements.

Ensure that your DIY repairs are legal

It is vital that you ensure that any DIY repairs you carry out are legal and fully comply with local and national laws. If you have claimed on your insurance, they may insist that all repairs are performed by a certified mechanic or body repair contractor.

If you have any questions about smash repairs, contact an auto repair shop today.