Why You May Not Want to Believe What Your Car Is Telling You

If you pay close attention to popular culture, you'll have noticed that the phrase "fake news" has become very popular in recent months. In other words, advisers say don't believe everything that you see or hear and take everything with a pinch of salt in order to be safe. Could it be that your car's dashboard is also providing you with some incorrect information when it alerts you to a problem linked to an icon of a battery? [Read More]

How This Small Part Helps to Protect Your Automatic Transmission

Within the automatic transmission casing on a typical car or truck can be found a thousand or more individual parts, all of which are carefully engineered to help the driver perform. While each part contributes to seamless motoring and must be maintained over the months and years, some components are more important than others, and even the parts that fit onto the bottom of the transmission casing are critical. Why should you keep an eye on your transmission sump just as carefully as you do the bearings or gears within? [Read More]

How to Improve Your Car's Braking Performance

If you are an automotive enthusiast and someone who likes to use their car for pleasure rather than for utility, then you may always be on the lookout for opportunities to enhance its performance. You may have bought a vehicle that is, by definition, designed for the average driver and which was produced on a production line with many others. While this is good enough as a base, there is undoubtedly plenty of opportunity for improvement. [Read More]

Is it time to fill up your power steering fluid?

Hydraulic power steerings have become the gold standard for many vehicles today. They are durable and efficient steering mechanisms that allow motorists to navigate roads with precision. However, these steerings are not fail-proof. They have to be carefully maintained in order to ensure maximum performance for long periods of time.  One of the components that make a power steering effective is the steering fluid. This fluid maintains the hydraulic system within the steering mechanism and makes the wheel work correctly. [Read More]