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What Should I Listen for If I Think My Automatic Transmission Has Problems?

It can be frustrating when you think you have a minor issue with your car and find out that it is actually a costly transmission issue. It is even more frustrating when you find out it may have been something you could have prevented if you had known what to look for. Before you let a noise or feeling in your car become a passing concern, or before you write it off as just a sound, there are some few things you should listen for. These could be indicative of a major issue with automatic transmissions.

Whining Noises

One of the clearest noises that most people can make out with their car is when it starts whining. Unfortunately, a whining sound can be connected to other events in the car like trouble with your brakes or brake shoes. If you are hearing a whining sound, you can easily narrow it down and away from your brakes and to your automatic transmission by when the whining occurs. If the whining occurs when the car starts or when you accelerate, then it may be the transmission and not the brakes at all.

Neutral Noises

Noises that appear when your car is in neutral are also indicative of an issue with your automatic transmission. For this reason, there are times when someone may suggest to you to turn the car from drive to neutral and see if the sound is still there. This rules out other areas of the car such as an air conditioning leak, brake issues or engine issues. If the grinding, bumping, knocking or whining noises that got your attention are still there in neutral, you should consider having a transmission diagnostic test run on the car.

Combination with Burning Smells

Sometimes the sound is not the only thing you should look for. If you hear a sound that is connected to a burning smell, then you should definitely consider a diagnostic scan on the car and specifically the automatic transmission. If the transmission has been overheating, you may have an issue where fluid has broken down. As this happens, it can lead to noises and sounds like sounds in neutral gear and whining while accelerating or starting the car.

These are just three of the things you should listen for to avoid costly automatic transmission issues becoming worse than they may be when they start. Your local auto mechanic can run a diagnostic on the car to determine if it is the transmission, what is causing it and a price estimate for repairs.