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Determining If Your Vehicle Needs Automatic Transmission Repair

Granted, your automatic transmission system is not necessarily one of the most delicate systems in your vehicle. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they do not require care and maintenance to stay running in optimal condition. If your automatic transmission were to be severely compromised, it would lead to a complete breakdown of your vehicle. Other than ensuring that your vehicle gets regular servicing, you should also keep an eye out for anything that may be out of the ordinary. Catching signs of transmission problems early could make the difference between easy repair and having to replace various components. The following are some signs that would help you determine if your vehicle needs automatic transmission repair.

Your vehicle is unresponsive

If you are trying to switch gears and find that your car is unresponsive, chances are you are developing transmission problems. When you are trying to shift the gears to either park or drive, your car is supposed to respond immediately. Any delays in the shifting of these gears is a telltale sign that your automatic transmission is beginning to fail. This delay in engaging the gears should not be left unchecked as not only does it leave the problem to become further exacerbated but it also put you at risk of an accident when you are on the roads, as you will not be able to control your car.

You can smell burning

Any burning odours wafting into your vehicle as you are driving should be addressed with utmost seriousness. One of the common reasons why you would be smelling burning odours is if your automatic transmission system has started overheating. This should be a cause for concern, as automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is never supposed to burn. Since it functions to keep the various components of your transmission lubricated, burning ATF will mean that your transmission system is not getting sufficient fluid.

The insufficient lubrication will then lead to friction in the various components and this can cause a host of other problems such as the gradual wearing down of the parts. Leaving this to go on undeterred by assuming the burning smells will fade away on their own will result in exorbitant replacement costs for your transmission system. It is crucial to stop driving your vehicle and ensure it is looked at by a professional mechanic so that the cause of the burning is diagnosed and dealt with posthaste.