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Caravan Service and Repair for Full-Time Caravan Living

When you are using your caravan a few times a year for seasonal camping and trips, you already know the basics of service and repair. You will likely have to have it winterized, especially if you keep it in storage during colder months. You will also have to have the usual maintenance done on the caravan as well. If you are living in the caravan full-time, then you may have a few more caravan service and repair options that you need to add to your to-do list. Here are just a few and what you should know about each one.

Solar Panel Servicing

Most people who live in their caravans full-time have some sort of solar power to help with heating and cooling as well as cooking. Overtime you may find that your solar panels need cleaning, are not generating as much energy as they were originally, or have cracks or breaks from various damage. All of these issues can be repaired and serviced by a local caravan service provider. In most cases, you may find that solar power panel cleaning and diagnostics are available in service packages for full-time caravan dwellers. If not, you will need to make sure that the service technician you have chosen does have a background in solar power and is licensed to make the repair in order to avoid issues that are not covered under warranties or insurance later down the road.

Alarm Systems

When you first start living in your caravan full-time, you may not think about a security alarm system. A common caravan service that many full-time dwellers use is alarm installation. Depending your caravan style and size, you may choose to have just a simple motion light system added to the caravan or you may go all the way and have a fully functional alarm system put in place. When you consider an alarm system as part of your caravan service, you may want to consider one that connects to your smartphone or tablet as well. This will allow you to maintain a level of security no matter where you are when you are away from the caravan.

Equipment Connections

Though your equipment connections, such as a heating or cooling unit, are important anytime you use your caravan they become increasingly important when you are living in it full-time. One of the services you can have performed is to have all of your connections for electrical, solar and mechanical equipment checked. This will ensure that your hoses, gaskets, and plugs are all in working order. It will also let you know if there are any areas that need to be replaced or that need to be upgraded for further full-time living. For example, you may find that the water tank you once had worked fine, but with full-time living a tankless water heater may be a more ideal option and therefore connections and electrical systems you currently have would need to be upgraded or rewired in some way.

These are only three of the caravan services and repairs you can have done to your caravan for full-time living. For pricing, estimates, and further options consider visiting your local caravan technician or caravan lot.