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Why You Must Service Your Car's Suspension Ahead Of The Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner. And with it comes lots of travelling, be it to visit other relatives, go camping and on holiday vacations or go on fun road trips. Either way, your car is going to be very busy for the remainder of the year. So as good foresight, make sure you get your car's suspension checked out as you get that auto service done. You may not want to hear the specifics about your car's coil springs, shock absorbers, bushes and what not, so here is a more practical explanation on why your suspension, too, needs some love this holiday season.

Car crowding and carpooling

Usually, most city cars are predominantly used by one owner to go to work and back. There might the additional dropping and picking up of kids from school. So for most of the time, your car only carries you and the occasional passenger. Come holiday season, your car will be packed with kids, family, and friends. That's a lot of weight and your suspension system will feel the strain (if not well serviced). A suspension service will protect your tyres from wear and potential rim damage.

Luggage and even more luggage

Carpooling and freeloaders aside, holiday travel is not complete until you have factored in the luggage. As you travel from home to your vacation, to visit family or to go camping, you're going to carry lots of luggage and gear with you. Your car's suspension affects handling, especially around corners. With all that gear on board, having a good suspension system will ensure that your car drives safely.

Those long drives

Again, holiday travel is synonymous with long distance travel. This is unlike most of the short drives that most urban drivers are used to. During the holidays, most people travel much further. A good suspension is important for comfort during such long drives, especially over bumps or potholes. No matter what kind of suspension your car uses, make the necessary replacements and servicing where necessary to guarantee you smooth driving as you cut across the country.

The unbeaten path

If you're planning to travel and go camping, back-trail touring or visiting up-country locations, a good suspension system will keep your car prepared for all the off-road challenges you will encounter, e.g. unpaved roads, rocks, water, and steep terrains. If your car has a wobbly suspension system, chances are that it won't manage to conquer such paths. A good suspension will not only ensure safety, it will also maximise traction where your car is likely to slip.

A good idea is to replace all used bushes and any damaged coil, leaf springs or shock absorbers. The good news is that once you do this, you might not have to worry about your car's suspension again until next year.