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Car Repair: 3 Minor Mechanical Problems Which Require Immediate Action

Putting off car repairs is a recipe for disaster. If a minor problem is ignored, it can eventually develop into a major issue which could put your car out of action. However, there are a few minor issues which need to be dealt with immediately, as they could indicate that your vehicle is unsafe and dangerous to drive. Below is a guide to 3 signs you need to have your vehicle serviced right away.

Sticky brakes

If you lift your foot from the brake and you sense that your car is resisting your attempts to accelerate, the chances are that the brake callipers are sticking. The callipers are clips which push your car's brake pads against the wheel rotors. This action creates friction which slows the wheel down and causes the car to slow and stop. When the callipers become worn, they may stop springing back away from the rotors when you lift your foot from the brake. If you ignore this problem, the callipers will eventually fail completely, meaning your car will have no brakes.

A localised thumping sound when you go over a bump

If you hit a bump in the road and hear a thumping sound which is restricted to one side of the car, this is probably caused by a broken spring in the suspension system. The suspension system is designed to protect your vehicle and its occupants by cushioning them from any impacts. If you continue to drive with a malfunctioning suspension, the next time you go over a bump, the axle of your car may ultimately fail. This failure could cause you to lose control and will result in a hefty repair bill.

Rattling sounds coming from your wheels

If you hear a rattling sound which is coming from the wheel well, this could be caused by a broken lug nut. The lug nuts are what attach the wheels to the body of your car. If a lug nut fails, it can become trapped in the rim of the wheel, where it makes a rattling sound. One broken lug nut increases the stress on the remaining lug nuts. If the wheel is not repaired, eventually all the lug nuts could fail, which would result in you losing a wheel while driving down the road. If this occurs, you could easily lose control and crash.

If you notice any of these warning signs, contact an auto repair shop today.