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How This Small Part Helps to Protect Your Automatic Transmission

Within the automatic transmission casing on a typical car or truck can be found a thousand or more individual parts, all of which are carefully engineered to help the driver perform. While each part contributes to seamless motoring and must be maintained over the months and years, some components are more important than others, and even the parts that fit onto the bottom of the transmission casing are critical. Why should you keep an eye on your transmission sump just as carefully as you do the bearings or gears within?

Focusing on the Magnet

As you may know, the automatic transmission fluid is the lifeblood of the system, and it needs to circulate effectively and at great speed when the vehicle is under pressure. Most of this fluid is stored within the transmission, and this area is effectively the base of operations for the fluid itself. As the fluid moves through the system, it will pick up tiny flecks of metal that have worn away from internal components during normal operation. This type of deterioration is inevitable, but those tiny metal flakes have to be gathered together in a safe place to make sure that they do not cause damage. Consequently, when the fluid returns to the sump, the powerful magnet will gather the remnants before it continues on its next journey.

Damage Risk

The sump can be quite vulnerable to damage from beneath caused by road debris or stones. You also have to ensure that you do not damage it if you happen to use a floor jack to lift the vehicle up from below. It doesn't take much damage to the casing to dislodge or disconnect the magnet inside, and should this happen, major issues will not be far behind, and you may find yourself in need of automatic transmission repair.

Gasket Condition

You should also have a look at the gasket that sits in between the transmission and the pan. Sometimes these are made from cork or another similar type of material, and it's best if you can replace it with a rubber one instead, if you're chasing longevity.

Watching the Fluid

If you notice any type of leak beneath the vehicle, you should investigate its source as soon as possible. Remember that you always need to maintain the correct level of transmission fluid if you are to protect the system as carefully as possible.

Important Checks

When you take your vehicle in for a full inspection, make sure that the mechanic has a good look at the transmission sump, the magnet, gaskets and general condition.