Is it time to fill up your power steering fluid?

Hydraulic power steerings have become the gold standard for many vehicles today. They are durable and efficient steering mechanisms that allow motorists to navigate roads with precision. However, these steerings are not fail-proof. They have to be carefully maintained in order to ensure maximum performance for long periods of time.  One of the components that make a power steering effective is the steering fluid. This fluid maintains the hydraulic system within the steering mechanism and makes the wheel work correctly. [Read More]

How to Work Out What Your Engine Is Trying to Tell You

Are you struggling to get the expected amount of performance from your car these days? You may have suspected for some time that the vehicle was down on power, but recently you've noticed some significant issues and know that you need to take action. How can you decipher some of the messages that your car is trying to send you, so you can warn your mechanic when you go for car motor repair? [Read More]

Two Situations in Which You Should Take Your Vehicle to a Mechanic Immediately

There are certain situations in which it is important to seek out the help of a mechanic immediately. Read on to find out what these situations are. You have put petrol into your diesel-fuelled car If your car runs on diesel but you have accidentally filled its fuel tank with petrol, it is absolutely essential to have the vehicle inspected and repaired by a mechanic as soon as possible. If the petrol that you have put into your car's fuel tank reaches the engine block, it could lead to the destruction of most, if not all, of the engine's most vital components. [Read More]

Signs You Need to Visit a Mechanic

There are some obvious signs that your car needs to be taken to an auto mechanic shop, including extreme pulling or other difficulties steering the vehicle, lack of braking power, struggling to turn over the engine, and so on. However, many signs of needed repair are not that obvious; note a few of them here, so you know when to take your car to the shop and what it might need by way of fixes or replacement parts. [Read More]