Things to Look Out for When Buying a Used Pickup Truck

Are you looking for a used pickup truck for hauling or daily driving purposes? If so, you are bound to find a variety of these in auto sales dealerships and shops. It is obvious that you will ask the dealer as many questions about the truck's performance as possible. Also, you may carry out a general inspection of the truck parts and systems and assess their appearance and functionality. However, there are a few things that many people forget when buying used trucks, and these have a significant effect on the durability of the truck. [Read More]

4 Things You Do That Can Cause Your Automatic Transmission to Overheat

Most automatic transmission failures are caused by overheating. These systems, unlike manual transmissions, have lots of moving parts that work together in unison, and the friction created can easily overwhelm them if they aren't allowed to cool properly. Unfortunately, many people don't understand that the way they treat their vehicle has a direct impact on how likely the transmission is to overheat. Here are just four issues that you should watch out for. [Read More]

How Defective Seat Belts Can Make Your Vehicle Fail Its Safety Inspection

Some car owners may not know how vital different car systems, such as the car body and seat belts, are to the safety of the occupants of those vehicles. Such motorists may therefore be surprised when their vehicles fail safety inspections. This article discusses some factors that can make the seat belts in your car to fail a safety inspection. Use this information to assess whether your car's seat belts can pass a vehicle safety inspection before you drive to the inspection center when you want to put that car up for sale. [Read More]

3 Bad Driving Habits Which Destroy Your Clutch

Your clutch allows you to change gear and control the speed of your car. A car without a working clutch is a car which isn't going anywhere. You may be placing additional strain on your clutch because of bad driving techniques. By changing your driving style, you can extend the life of your clutch and avoid expensive repairs. Below is a guide to ways you may be damaging your clutch. [Read More]