Engine Repair: Top Signs It Is Time for a Tune Up

As a motorist, the prospect of having to contend with engine repair can be quite scary. Not only does this mean your vehicle may be out of commission for a while, but it could also imply expensive repair costs that you had not budgeted for. However, since some motorists tend to neglect the care and maintenance of their vehicle, engine repair becomes quite a common occurrence. Luckily, knowing the warning signs of engine problems can enable you to save yourself from complete engine repair, as the auto mechanic will remedy the underlying problem before it becomes exacerbated. [Read More]

Why You Must Service Your Car's Suspension Ahead Of The Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner. And with it comes lots of travelling, be it to visit other relatives, go camping and on holiday vacations or go on fun road trips. Either way, your car is going to be very busy for the remainder of the year. So as good foresight, make sure you get your car's suspension checked out as you get that auto service done. You may not want to hear the specifics about your car's coil springs, shock absorbers, bushes and what not, so here is a more practical explanation on why your suspension, too, needs some love this holiday season. [Read More]

Need a New Ball Joint? What Does That Mean for Your Car?

The ball joints in your car connect the wheels to your suspension. They're at the front of the majority of cars now built. If your car repairs require a new ball joint or two, don't worry. It's a common repair, and here is all you need to know about them to understand what the repair means for your car. Possible for Wheels to Turn Picture the ball joint as your shoulder or hip joint. [Read More]

Caravan Service and Repair for Full-Time Caravan Living

When you are using your caravan a few times a year for seasonal camping and trips, you already know the basics of service and repair. You will likely have to have it winterized, especially if you keep it in storage during colder months. You will also have to have the usual maintenance done on the caravan as well. If you are living in the caravan full-time, then you may have a few more caravan service and repair options that you need to add to your to-do list. [Read More]